KNX Tutor Training Barcelona

Option 1: KNX tutor Training (2 activities in Barcelona included)

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 Join us in Barcelona and we give you the best gift!

You can choose 2 activities from this list, that are completely free for you.


Option 2: Get your KNX Training Center ready!

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KNX Training Set by Domonetio

This is a certified and official training set.

This option is the perfect starting pack to create your own KNX Training Center.

Don't miss this opportunity!


Date & Time

July 8, 2017

Start - 9:00 AM Sunday

July 9, 2017

End - 6:00 PM Europe/Madrid

Domonetio Spain, S.L., Oficina Barcelona

Carrer de la Constitució, 2
Edificio Sant Just Diagonal
08960 Sant Just Desvern
+34 932418083
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Domonetio Spain, S.L.


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