Enjoy KNX and Barcelona with Domonetio!
A new edition of KNX Networking Course will be run on June 2017
4 abril, 2017 por
Enjoy KNX and Barcelona with Domonetio!
Elisabetta Agostinelli

Domonetio Spain today announced a new edition of the well known KNX training and networking activities, which will take place in Barcelona, Spain, from the 6th to the 11th of June 2017.

The training will be driven fully in English. The formal textbooks may be provided in English, Spanish, or German language. This training, specially designed for people outside Spain, aims to combine the formal KNX certified training, both KNX Basic and KNX Advanced course, with networking activities such as dinners at typical Spanish restaurants, karting competition, Barcelona city tour, visits to main buildings in Barcelona, and a technical visit to a showroom or to a hotel installed with KNX.

At the end of the KNX Basic course, the student will be able to deploy a KNX installation that includes: switching, dimming, motor controlling and central functions. If he or she passes the exam, the student will get the KNX Partner certificate that is valid worldwide! The KNX Advanced course, however, is a must. “… Remote control, climate control, scenes, security or energy efficiency are nowadays part of KNX installation”, said Mr. Jose Maria Morcillo, KNX Tutor at Domonetio.

Domonetio offers also a hospitality service team for those newcomers, or not, to Barcelona. The team is more than happy to help students about hotels, flights, “what to do” in Barcelona, visas, etc. “Most of our students come to the course with their families, and we also have an entertainment program for them”, said Ms. Elisabetta Agostinelli, hospitality team member.

Domonetio training methodology is the case method based in real-life business challenges. The student will learn not just the formal contents of the KNX Basic and KNX Advanced courses but also marketing skills, management skills and project management knowledge, always focused on the KNX standard.

Domonetio training team holds more than 12 years experience in the home and building automation field and this is the most valuable asset in the industry. Headquartered in Barcelona, Domonetio is one of the world's leading consultancies and training centers specializing in KNX technology.


To know more about Domonetio training visit www.domonetio.com. You can also contact them at +34 932418083 or sending an email to [email protected].

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Enjoy KNX and Barcelona with Domonetio!
Elisabetta Agostinelli 4 abril, 2017