Zennio presents LUMENTO X4, the KNX LED lighting regulator

LUMENTO X4 is a low voltage (12 - 24 V DC) LED dimming controller with 4 channels (RGBW). In a further demonstration of Zennio versatility, three compatible application programs make this LED dimmer adapt to any project requirements.

The application program Lumento X4 LED allows complete and independent control of four monochrome LED strips: light dimming, scenes, sequences, timers, etc.

In projects where RGBW color selection is required, the application program Lumento X4 RGBW allows complete control of one RGBW LED strip, adding color selection (including the white component) to the controls mentioned previously in Lumento X4 LED.

The third application program, Lumento X4 WHITE includes the color temperature selection for white LED strips. Cool white LED (channels 1 and 3) and warm white LED (channels 2 and 4) can be controlled independently, but the color temperature of the generated white light can be selected in a range from cool white to warm white, depending on the connected white LED strips.

The channel dimming is achieved by means of varying the voltage using PWM, with a 2.5 Amp current limit per channel. The low profile enclosure allows the installation of the device close to the LED load, and screw terminals ensure that wiring up is effortless. Once the device has been mounted, the Test button allows the installer to switch the different channels with short presses to check that the LED strips are connected properly.

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