What types of home automation systems exist?

We find many types of home automation systems. The most widely used and known today are:

  • home automation by bus over twisted pair (2 cables)
  • with radio frequency (no cables)
  • through the house line (poweline type or X10), where no new wires are needed, since the the information is transmitted by the existing low voltage cable housing.

Our recommendation is the bus over twisted pair. It is the most robust, but not the cheapest, since the use of radio frequency saves all the wiring and in the last type we make use of the existing wiring.

However, in the case of radio frequency we may find that sometimes the transmission is not entirely reliable and we can lose some information by the arrangement of obstacles, as it may be the case for the walls in the home. Yet another slight disadvantage is that these devices often use batteries, which usually offer 3-year lifetime, but nevertheless it can be an inconvenience having to replace batteries from time to time.

For the moment, the distribution over the power cable does not seem reliable, because it is common to have problems such as power surges. However, the transmission by twisted pair uses a 2-wire bus exclusively for information which will be used for the device´s power (28V) with the reliability advantages that this entails.



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Re: What types of home automation systems exist?

Probably, that would be the best recommendation for home automation system since only few systems that really fit to home but this one is great. Thanks dude, for sharing all these stuff for us. I really appreciate it. -pinterest followers