Intesis Software acquires Houseinhand

Intesis, a global home and building automation manufacturing company based in Spain, today announced the acquisition of Houseinhand.

With the newly acquired Houseinhand App for iOS, Intesis enhances a new phase of a dedicated effort to expand their well reputated role in BMS areas to a wider consumer oriented home automation markets, using latest generation of smartphones and tablets as popular tools to control homes in a comfortable, fast and intuitive way.

Houseinhand allows control of your home wherever you are; lighting, HVAC, blinds, Media, etc, all can be controlled in real time. Configuration of the App for your home installation is very easy and quick using Houseinhand Designer available for free, once done, just transferring the configuration file through iTunes to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch is required; Houseinhand does the rest. Houseinhand communicates with KNX installations via any KNX IP router, so it’s ideal for new or existing installations. Unlike other server-based solutions, Houseinhand comunicates directly with your home, providing an instantaneous reaction to your commands. Houseinhand allows control of any KNX device in the installation. With the support of Intesis expertise in home and building automation, HouseinHand will continue to grow faster than ever adding support for most popular protocols like KNX, EnOcean, Modbus…, and for new and different devices including multimedia equipment, alarms, IP cameras, video intercoms, air conditioners, etc.

This acquisition further proves our commitment to establishing user friendly appliances to improve home welfare and also contributing to energy saving and global sustainability using the most popular mobile devices,

said Pere Lumbreras, Director of Intesis.

At first we have been working closely with HouseinHand engineering staff to share our expertises in both, industrial and residential markets, looking for synergies to grow in our own marketplaces. As next step, we decided to acquire and integrate Houseinhand into the Intesis portfolio, keeping the HouseinHand brandname and spirit as it is.

About Intesis

Founded in 2000, Intesis Software is a leading manufacturing company of innovative solutions for building and home automation, with headquarters in Barcelona –Spain- and customers in more than 60 countries, Intesis offers an extended and outstanding portfolio of products as a result of a the continuous effort in R&D based on a highly qualified team. The product portfolio includes gateways and interfaces for integration, focusing on open technologies and protocols like KNX/EIB, LonWorks, Modbus, BACnet, M-Bus, EnOcean, Zigbee, Wifi and also OEM design and manufacture of interface solutions for all kind of equipment for home and building management and control. The most relevant companies of equipment for building and home automation rely in Intesis products and services worldwide. For further information please visit

About HouseinHand

HouseinHand was launched in 2010 to become the leading mobile application for home automation control worldwide, helping people of all ages to enjoy the new technologies applied to the home, without requiring to be a computer or telco advanced user. So, an intuitive, elegant, fast and reliable App was created to meet home automation system current and future needs . 

Intesis Software

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