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KNX Green Buildings

KNX is ideally suited to fulfilling the tightened energy consumption requirements for buildings. With KNX one can achieve the following energy savings:

  • up to 40 % with KNX shading control
  • up to 50 % with KNX individual room control
  • up to 60 % with KNX lighting control
  • up to 60 % with KNX ventilation control
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The House that Saves - Presentation Foundation

The Foundation The House that Saves ( La Casa que Ahorra) seeks to encourage, first, the conservation, improvement and protection of the environment through the realization of all types of activities to boost, sponsor, promote and / or fund the  research, innovation, development and training in the field of energy efficiency.

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CASADOMO organiza un Curso de Especialización en Inmótica y Vídeo en Red IP para la Seguridad y Eficiencia Energética

El portal CASADOMO (www.casadomo.com) ha organizado el “Curso de Especialización en Inmótica y Vídeo en Red IP - Aplicaciones y Diseño de Infraestructura para Eficiencia Energética y Seguridad". El curso, que tendrá lugar el próximo 30 de marzo en Madrid, mostrará a través de una formación práctica y teórica, el diseño, instalación y puesta en marcha de las Infraestructuras, Sistemas y Aplicaciones necesarias para este tipo de instalaciones.

Dirigido a Integradores de Sistemas, Ingenieros, Instaladores, Informáticos, Empresas de Gestión y Mantenimiento, el curso dará a conocer las nuevas soluciones de control remoto de la Inmótica y Vídeo a través de la Red IP, que ofrecen hoy en día muchas oportunidades de negocio para las empresas de integración, instalación y mantenimiento.

Expertos de las empresas patrocinadoras Netgear, Unitronics y Axis serán los encargados de impartir las correspondientes materias de este curso de especialización, que se estructuran del siguiente modo:

Barcelona StreetLight SIIUR 22@

Innovative project of control and remotely monitoring the lighting in the 22@ neighborhood of Barcelona. This project is the first initiative at the European level of control system for LED lighting with a brightness control that adjusts the level of according to the needs of the moment.

The remote management system is made with LonWorks EN14908 communication standard and complies with LonMark Open Systems Standards. The lighting control is achieved via a small walkway on each fixture that is connected to the electrical box through the grid and the LED driver via a DALI communication port. This device is the first of its kind in Europe.


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Energy Saving Guide CEDOM


CEDOM has developed,in collaboration with the IDEA,Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving of Energy from the Ministry of Industry,Tourism and Commerce the guide "How to save energy by installing automation in your home. Gain comfort and security. "

The guide is published by AENOR and is intended for end users to raise awareness of the contribution of automation in saving energy and encourage the responsible consumption of it between citizens.

Throughout the different sections it provides information on what the domestic energy consumption in Spain is and what is the annual cost for an average family. Also,find out how home automation can help save energy and money,while gaining in comfort and safety. Finally,it provides the references needed to know who to contact if you want to install a home automation system.


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